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Blossom Doll Martha Holcombe Collection Series III. Box 3

12” high 7” wide


United States of America

mixed medium of cloth, vinyl, plastic, and porcelain

This doll was created by Martha Holcombe Root. She is a southern artist who creates dolls and figurines of children that she grew up with in the South. Blossom, like Martha’s other dolls and figurines of African –Americans, combine the stereotypical “pickaninny” image of children with exaggerated features such as; large lips, gapped teeth, large noses, and dark complexions; with the features of authentic African-American child. These children come in a variety of body shapes, have lips ranging in colors, have a variety of shapes for their eyes, and have different types of hair textures and hair styles. Though there was a move to create a more authentic representation of African -American children in the 1960’s and beyond, the gapped teeth smiling Blossom doll as well as other dolls and figurines in the Martha Holcombe collection remind you of the stereotypical “pickaninny” post cards from the 1800’s to the 1920’s. Blossom wears a blue and white outfit, including a white apron, which suggests that in the future she may grow up to be a Domestic Worker and take on the stereotypical “Mammy” role.


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