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Bahamas Banana Leaf Dolls. Series V Box 5

8” high 5” wide EFL 030 A

9” high 4½” wide EFL 030 B

Unknown Year


Mixed Medium, wood, banana leaf,plastic, vinyl, and porcelain

The Pequot’s Indians of the New England area of the United States were taken as slaves to English owned islands such as Bermuda and the Bahamas. The Pequot’s took their doll making tradition with them to the islands. The Pequot’s made dolls with banana leaves and other items. This tradition was passed on to the natives of the islands who then passed this tradition on to African Diaspora Slaves. These dolls follow this tradition. The dolls are wearing flowing clothes and head pieces. The dolls have features of people who have a mixed race heritage of European, Indian, and African, similar to many island peoples.


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