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Topsy- Turvy Two Race Doll. Series XI. Box 11

12” high and 9” wide


United States

Mixed medium cloth

This doll is a doll created during the time when African -American women were domestic servants for White households. This was used mainly in the south, especially during the time of segregation, which the 1930’s is a part of this era. During this time, if children were in front of Whites, their toys must represent the White culture. The doll was Black on one side and White on the other side. The mothers of the children tended to create these dolls with two heads in order that a child could play with a doll with their own ethnic backgrounds. If the Black parent was in the room with other Black people or by themselves, the Black child could play with the Black face doll. The doll is made of white cloth and black for the faces and print cloth for the dolls body. The cover page Topsy-Turvy Doll would have a White doll underneath it, similar to this doll.


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