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African-American Princess Imani by Avon .Series X. Box 10

12” high and 2½” wide

1994 representing various time periods

United States

Mixed medium, plastic, vinyl, and cloth

This doll was created to represent the African- American female for those African -Americans who did not know from what parts of Africa that their ancestors came. The doll uses a generic Kente cloth to represent Africa instead of a specific country. Kente cloth is from the Ashanti peoples of Ghana. The doll is given the status of royalty to denote that African Americans came from royalty and should be proud of their African Diaspora heritage. The doll wears a head piece as a covering of the head, which is a common practice for women in Africa. The doll is of medium brown complexion, a medium build, and has soft facial features. This doll was created in order to create an accurate representation of the female figure from the African-American Community. This doll was created by the Avon Corporation to help promote a positive image of African –Americans both for the African American community and the mainstream American community at large.


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