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Aruba Dance Doll Series IV. Box 4

12” high 6” wide

Unknown Year


Plastic, vinyl, cloth, and other materials

This doll follows the concept of the generic trademark or eponym “Barbie” fashion doll. This particular doll represents the island dancing culture of Aruba. The doll wears a traditional outfit of a flowing skirt, head piece, and a revealing top. She has a medium brown complexion, medium build, and full, soft, facial features. The body is uncovered so one can see the special movements that the lady does with her body while dancing. This dance is done by the local island women wearing this outfit it is to show the local men that the women are strong and attractive and that the men of the island need not turn to others to find love, or a mate. The doll is given to young girls for them to desire to become this type of woman when they grow up. This doll is also sold to tourist so that others can see the beauty of the women from the island of Aruba.


Collectibles, Africa, African-American, Culture, Race, History