Kenzie Doll


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Kenzie Doll Series X. Box 10

11½” high and 3” wide


United States

Mixed medium, cloth, plastic, and vinyl

This doll is an African- American fashion doll that was created by the Avon Corporation in the 1990's. This doll is a generic representation of African-American girls as part of mainstream culture during this time period. She follows the tradition of the Fashion Doll format and is the Avon Corporation version of the Mattel doll "Christie", “Barbie's" African-American friend. The doll follows the trend of a European model doll with darker skin. Kenzie has dark skin, a thin small body frame, and wears make-up including pink lipstick. She wears a pink formal gown. Unlike other companies of the 1990's, who were trending toward making dolls accurate representations of African- Americans; this doll was made to sell to young African-American girls Avon products. The biggest product would hopefully be Avon's make-up. One place a young girl may wear her first make-up is a special occasion. This signifies the purpose of having Kenzie wear the pink formal gown.


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