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1970's Baby Doll Series XI. Box 11

13” high 9” wide


United States

Mixed Medium, Plastic, Cloth, Vinyl

This doll is a combination of a European and African -American facial featured doll. The doll was created at a time when African-Americans began to want dolls that were a more accurate representation of African-American people versus the trending dolls of African-Americans in a stereotypical out fit and look of dark skin, red lips and exaggerated features. This doll is of medium brown complexion, light lips and soft facial features. The dolls cheekbones, eyes, and hair, may be considered more on the European side. The doll wears a blue calico dress, a style popular during the 1970’s. The doll was sold to young girls to promote motherhood.


Collectibles, Africa, African-American, Culture, Race, History