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Set of Christmas Ornaments without faces Series XI. Box 11.

Overalls wearing doll 7” high 5½” wide

Top Skirt Dress and Head Wrap Scarf 7” high and 5½” wide

Cloth Mother and Child Doll in check outfit 4½” high and 4½” wide



Cloth and Mixed medium

This doll set was made to use as Christmas Ornaments. The set was made by a Multinational Company. This set of dolls is a stereotypical family of times gone by. The dolls are faceless because they could be used as toys or ceremonial pieces for other non-western religions. The male is dressed in overalls and the female has a flowing top and skirt with a head wrap scarf. The mother and a child, part of the set, shows the mother is holding the child using traditional clothes and blankets.


Collectibles, Dolls, African-Americans, Africa, Arts, Culture