Jocelyn Evans

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Denise Chapman

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Rosemary Harkins

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Eddie Traylor


Admission criteria for allied health programs have been studied to determine the success a student will have in a given program. Program admissions committees seek students who will perform the best, didactically and clinically, completing the program and demonstrating the potential to pass the professional exams. In an effort to determine which students will successfully complete professional health programs, studies have been conducted to help predict which tools of selection are of most value. Included as variables in these studies to predict success in allied health programs are prerequisite grade point average (pre-GPA), science grade point average (sci-GPA), interview scores, Allied Health Professions Admission Test (AHPAT), ACT scores, and other non-cognitive variables.

This study seeks to determine which variables or combination of variables has been the best predictor of academic success in the professional physical therapy program at Langston University. Various studies of this 1 2 type point to pre-professional grade point averages (PPGPA) and pre-science grade point averages (Pre-Sci GPA) as significant predictors of academic success.