Jasmine Gay

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Darnell Williams


Many people have recently complained about experiencing headaches in association with the use of their cellular telephones. There is much controversy over this subject because it has not yet been proven that the microwaves emitted by cellular telephones cause headaches. The research questions include the following: What are the effects, if any, of the use of cellular telephones on human health? Do they cause headaches? Are they responsible for the increase in size of some brain tumors?

There have been many experiments performed by various scientists in the field of bioelectromagnetics and by the World Health Organization (WHO); however, these studies are fairly new and the results have not been collected. There is evidence, however, to prove that the microwaves emitted by cellular telephones affect the bloodbrain barrier and the dopamine-opiate systems of the brain. It is also known that the penetration of the blood-brain barrier causes headaches in human beings. Although there are many different factors that are involved with the causes of headaches, I hypothesize that the frequent use of cellular telephones can be linked to an increased frequency of headaches.

The particular question that I plan to address is "Does the prolonged use of cellular telephones cause headaches?" I am not licensed as a scientist; however, my research on this subject will draw more attention to this controversy and will question the safety of cellular phones. My perspective is that the microwaves emitted by cellular telephones are involved in the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and the dopamine - opiate systems of 2 the brain and, therefore, are associated with the frequent headaches that cellular phone users complain of.