Faluv Tunley

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Darnell Williams

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Kathryn Williams


Effective schools research has been a key to the improvement of education for many urban school children, especially in large cities such as New York City and Chicago, Illinois. This research has revealed many different ideologies on helping a child learn, helping teachers teach, and giving administrators the tools to handle their schools more efficiently. Effective schools research also addresses parents and their involvement in the school system. One researcher who constantly pushed Effective Schools research is Dr. Ronald R. Edmonds. Edmonds, along with many other researchers helped to restructure the urban area schools in New York City and Michigan School systems. As a result, many school systems across the United 4 States have adopted a number of the ideas and methods that Edmonds and his counterparts have set into motion. This paper will attempt to examine two Oklahoma City elementary schools and apply the criteria of Edmonds' Effective School research to school in the northeast and northwest Oklahoma City areas. Through interviews and observations of teachers and administrators and the observation of specific grade levels, it will be determined if Edmonds' Effective School research theory is being used in these two demographically different Oklahoma City elementary schools and if the research is being used, to what extent.