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Obadike Kamau

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Darnell Williams

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Ronald Keys


Integration within desegregated school systems is a topic that, according to several authors and professors, can be "counted on with two hands." This is an exaggeration; however, recent literature in this area is lacking. There have been several federally funded case studies, but all of the case studies have apparently been confined to urban settings. This thesis is unique in that it focuses upon the Guthrie, Oklahoma, 6 public high school system. Unlike many larger urban areas, this high school does not experience major problems such as busing, "white flight," the inability to find teachers with the resolve to teach within its district, magnet schools, and voluntary choice schools. Therefore, this study eliminates many of the above variables that have clouded previous existing integration studies. This study is confined to the high school level, whereas many case studies have been conducted on the junior high and grade school levels. (This is not to say, however, that case studies already conducted have not been reviewed.)